Our Story

It all began when the two heroes of our story, Vadim and Alex, who decided to rent a jet ski. After some research, we realized that our only option was to rent the jet ski out at a certain marina in Ontario at an absolutely outrageous price of $90 per hour.

Not only were we shocked by how expensive it was (we were planning to use the Jet Ski for at least half a day) but we were also frustrated to learn that we would have to remain within the jet ski owner’s line of sight the entire time. After we spent some time debating how far the man could actually see, we quickly realized that our adventure was not going to be as fun as we had originally thought.

We both thought about how cool it would be to take a Sea Doo for a full day on a trailer, and drive it to wherever we wanted, maybe even to multiple places on the same day, without having anyone “supervise” us. Unfortunately, after some research, we realized such an option was not available. We were disappointed to say the least, so we looked at how much it would cost to actually own a jet ski.

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