Rent or Purchase a Ski Doo in Canada

Are you considering purchasing or renting a snowmobile this winter? If so, read on, as you might find the following information to be very helpful when making a decision.

First, what is snowmobiling? According to Wikipedia, snowmobiling, which is also known as “Snowmobile” or “Sled” is a land vehicle that allows you to travel on snow. The snowmobile can be operated in deep snow conditions or when cursing on top of a frozen lake. Snowmobiling is the kind of activity that once you get on the snowmobile you just want to keep going.

Why to purchase a snowmobile (Ski Doo) when you can rent one? With the growing popularity of extreme sports including: ATVing, Jet Skiing and Snowmobiling, water skiing and wakeboarding, individuals face the question of whether to purchase a snowmobile or rent one.

So what is our prospective on this subject? Before starting, we considered purchasing snowmobiles for our own personal use. However, after doing some research in regards to the kind of snowmobiles available for purchase, cost of storage, insurance and maintenance fees, we realized that renting a ski doo is probably the most cost effective way. Especially, since there are many companies in Ontario that offer snowmobiles for rent (daily, weekend or for a full week.)

Sounds simple, right? Not really.  In our opinion, renting a snowmobile should be an effortless process. Then why did it seem to be complex, when we were in fact ready to rent a snowmobile last winter?

Well, it came to our understanding that the process of renting snowmobiles, especially if you are in your mid-20s takes more effort than most people would appreciate.

This is one of the main reasons why Exclusive Sport Rentals was born. We simply realized that renting a snowmobile should be a no-brainer process. We see it as a 3 step process:

Step 1: Pick a Snowmobile

Step 2: Check Availability

Step 3: Connect Trailer to the Vehicle and GO!

So should I rent or purchase a snowmobile? Well, our recommendation is rent a snowmobile first and if you enjoy the experience and can afford the expense associated with owning a snowmobile in Ontario or wherever you might live, then absolutely purchase one! The snowmobile adventures are extreme and can keep you warm in the cold winter of Canada.

Do you need a little push? Check out the Youtube clip – Breathe – the most beautiful snowmobile clip in the world .

Visit us online at if you would like more infortion or follow us on Twitter @SportRentals.

Happy Snowmobiling!

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What Business Practice do we Follow?

We Believe That:

1. Businesses can be both profitable and socially responsible at the same time.

2. Giving back to the community is as important as running a successful company.

3. It is either the BEST customer service or NO customer service at all.

4. Our clients are our main asset, much more important than any equipment we could ever rent out.

Sure, this might sound “cheesy” to you, but we dare you to try our equipment and our service to find out for yourself.

In short, we are not your average company and we will prove it to you. Book your sports equipment for your next adventure today!

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The Exclusive Sport Rentals Advantage

Here’s why Exclusive Sports Rentals will make your next adventure truly unforgettable:

i. We provide excellent customer service. Our friendly staff will walk you thru how to operate the equipment safely while respecting the environment.

ii.We provide true value and affordable rental equipment. Our rentals save you thousands of dollars you would spend if you bought the equipment yourself. Plus, all of our rentals can be rented for short or long-term periods to give you maximum flexibility.

iii. We provide well-maintained and late-model sports equipment. All of our equipment is guaranteed ready-to-use so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

iv. We won’t limit you to a certain geographical location. You can feel free to take our rental equipment to wherever the pull of adventure takes you.

v. We are a one-stop shop. We provide all the sports equipment you will need to complete your ultimate adventure.

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Our Story

It all began when the two heroes of our story, Vadim and Alex, who decided to rent a jet ski. After some research, we realized that our only option was to rent the jet ski out at a certain marina in Ontario at an absolutely outrageous price of $90 per hour.

Not only were we shocked by how expensive it was (we were planning to use the Jet Ski for at least half a day) but we were also frustrated to learn that we would have to remain within the jet ski owner’s line of sight the entire time. After we spent some time debating how far the man could actually see, we quickly realized that our adventure was not going to be as fun as we had originally thought.

We both thought about how cool it would be to take a Sea Doo for a full day on a trailer, and drive it to wherever we wanted, maybe even to multiple places on the same day, without having anyone “supervise” us. Unfortunately, after some research, we realized such an option was not available. We were disappointed to say the least, so we looked at how much it would cost to actually own a jet ski.

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About Exclusive Sport Rentals

Exclusive Sport Rentals is your one-stop shop for all of your sports equipment rental needs in Ontario. No matter where your adventure leads you – on water, snow, land, or maybe even catching some air, we’ll get you there with the latest equipment. Whether you’re water skiing on Lake Simcoe, snowmobiling in the Kawarthas, or off-roading in Collingwood, Exclusive Sports Rentals will make your next adventure unforgettable!

With our top-notch selection of well-maintained sports equipment, your satisfaction with Exclusive Sport Rentals is virtually guaranteed.  If you’re looking for a truly memorable adventure without the hassle of bulky sports equipment ownership, Exclusive Sport Rentals will provide you with an outstanding experience, each and every time. Learn how to reserve your equipment for your next adventure today!

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